The Zubdat Al-Haqa’iq of ‘Ayn Al-Qudah Al-Hamadani

The Zubdat Al-Haqa’iq of ‘Ayn Al-Qudah Al-Hamadani

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Hardcover: 221 pages
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thoughts and Civilization (30 Nov. 2000)
ISBN-10: 9839379151
ISBN-13: 978-9839379150
Package Dimensions: 22 x 14.4 x 2.2 cm


The “Zubdat al-Haqa’iq of ‘Ayn al-Qudah al-Hamadani” is an adventurous intellectual approach to Sufism. In an attempt to place Sufism on an equal footing with the other branches of knowledge in Islamic thought, it also emphasizes the usefulness of Sufism and its necessity as a reliable source of knowledge through which one can hope to attain the real knowledge of God, His Attributes, Prophecy and the Hereafter, which are the fundamental basis of the Creed (‘Aqid ah) of Islam. The “Zubdat al-Haqa’iq” serves as a means to understanding Islamic Sufism in its intellectual form, and therefore the translation and annotations of such a work into English should be of great help to students of Islamic thought in general and to those who engage in the study of al-tasawwuf in particular.

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