2019 March

Clamouring for Justice, but which one?

Dr. Nik Roskiman Abdul Samad[1]

Clamouring for justice perhaps has become the norm of the day. From East to West, people demand justice from their respective governments which have admitted to giving their best to restore justice or to put it in place. But what is the real meaning of “justice”? Are we, and the governments, talking about the same justice, in all its form and functions? Or, perhaps, the form of justice from the perspective of the government differs from that of the peoples’? So, in all honesty, are both even online when it comes to justice? As nothing will come out of it if either one is offline.

Some think justice means purely “equality”.  Justice has never been to mean equality from the religious, cultural or philosophical viewpoints since the primordial days. It is wrongly taken to mean equality to those who feel they have not been treated justly for some reasons either due to gender, race, sets of behaviour or such like. The “unequal treatment” they have been receiving has undoubtedly led to the struggle for the emancipation of women, as known in terms of the “feminism” groups today which clamour for “equal” rights between men … Read the rest “Clamouring for Justice, but which one?”