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Asking For Evidences is A Clear Dalil of Your Ignorance ?>

Asking For Evidences is A Clear Dalil of Your Ignorance

by Ridhwan ibn Muhammad Saleem In the name of Allah. All praise is for Him, our Lord and Protector, and may peace and mercy be upon His final Prophet. The following comments are not intended to offend anyone, so please don’t take them offensively. We love all our brothers, who love Allah and His messenger (mercy of Allah and peace be upon him), and are working sincerely for this deen, no matter which orientation they take. If the following words are…

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The Amal of the Living for the Dead ?>

The Amal of the Living for the Dead

by Shaykh Dato’ Dr Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti             Question: “I read in the Reliance of the Traveller (p. 928)” [which is a complete manual of Islam consisting, in the main part of the book, a translation together with a useful explanation in English of a beginner’s level textbook on Shafi’i fiqh (but a post-Fard ‘Ayn text), the ‘Umdat al-Salik by Imam al-Naqib; while in the other parts of the book, there are various useful selections…

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17 Ramadhan Memperingati Badar al-Kubra ?>

17 Ramadhan Memperingati Badar al-Kubra

17 Ramadhan bukan sahaja hari turunnya Al-Qur’an ke langit dunia tetapi ianya juga tarikh berlakunya peperangan Badar. Peperangan Badar al-Kubra merupakan peperangan yang amat penting dan bersejarah dalam Islam dan kelangsungan agama Islam. Ianya adalah peperangan yang pertama berlaku setelah baginda Rasulullah SAW berhijrah ke Mafinah. Peperangan ini meletus pada 17 Ramadan 2Hijrah bersamaan 13 Mac 624. Rasulullah SAW bersama 313 sahabatnya telah menentang dan mengalahkan, dengan pertolongan Allah SWT,  tentera kafir Quraisy berjumlah lebih seribu orang lengkap bersenjata. Allah…

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Taqlid: Trusting a Mujtahid ?>

Taqlid: Trusting a Mujtahid

by Shaykh Tahir Mahmood Kiani Islām is like a fortress, or castle, that is guarded continuously by armed sentinels, within its many-feet thick walls that are impenetrable, save for one heavily protected gate and drawbridge that opens by falling over a crocodile-infested moat, that is many metres wide, and cannot be crossed nor overcome. How do you destroy such a people who are so aggressively protected by revealed laws and sincerely adopted rules, yet are themselves so pure of presence,…

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Need to Produce Thinking Students ?>

Need to Produce Thinking Students

by Nik Roskiman Abdul Samad There has to be a system able to educate and equip the people with all the tools necessary to face the complex pressures of modern society. WE celebrated Teachers’ Day a few weeks ago. Talk of education always brings to my mind a speech given by Dorothy L. Sayers at Oxford in 1947, which was later printed in essay form bearing the title The Lost Tools of Learning. Although Sayers was not an educationist, but…

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